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Re: porting ZFS

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 11:53:05PM +0200, Mark Weinem wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 September 2008 23:52:11 Neel Sheyal wrote:
> >       I would like to port ZFS to NetBSD. While I noticed that
> > [...]Do you folks think this is something the community will be
> > interested 
> Wow, that would be really great and I'm absolutely sure that the NetBSD 
> community will appreciate your work! As a matter of principle, one goal shall 
> be to complete unfinished projects.
> > Personally I feel ZFS is something that NetBSD should have in it's
> > armor. 
> Personally, I'm not really sure if ZFS is appropriate as a general-purpose 
> file 
> system for NetBSD, as it is a complex and very hardware-demanding beast. And 
> porting seems to be hard - at least Matthew Dillon found it easier and faster 
> to code a new state-of-the-art (and well-portable!!) BSD file system instead 
> of 
> porting and improving ZFS:

I think you've mixed up arguements here. We're discussing the idea of 
porting ZFS to NetBSD, not necessarily using it as a general-purpose file 
system. I think there are a lot of uses of FFS that won't be replaced by 
ZFS. That fact, however, does not mean there aren't uses of FFS that we'd 
rather replace with ZFS. :-)

The problem with Hammer is that it's not ZFS. Some sites will use ZFS and 
some will use Hammer. Having one of them in NetBSD should not preclude 
having the other.

> And I don't know if there is a need  for another port of ZFS as users can 
> already choose between OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, Linux-based systems and Mac OS X 
> if they want ZFS. 

The reason for a port of ZFS would be so that I do not have to run 
something other than NetBSD to get access to it. :-)

Take care,


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