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Re: porting ZFS

> Personally, I'm not really sure if ZFS is appropriate as a general-purpose 
> file
> system for NetBSD, as it is a complex and very hardware-demanding beast. And
> porting seems to be hard - at least Matthew Dillon found it easier and faster
> to code a new state-of-the-art (and well-portable!!) BSD file system instead 
> of
> porting and improving ZFS:

I must admit that I am not a pundit of ZFS. So, I cannot compare
intelligently  ZFS with Hammer. But if someone as  experienced like
Matthew labeled it "hard", then it might be worth revisiting the
effort. There might be valid reasons for it.

It would be great if all the masters chimed in with their views as to
why NetBSD might benefit having ZFS. And this is very important before
we dedicate cycles to porting ZFS.

> As a matter of principle, one goal shall  be to complete unfinished projects.
Mark: while the debate rages, do you have specific FS related project
that need immediate attention.


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