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Hurd translators' state

first of all, I'm sorry for the big delay. I'd like to present you, what is 
the status of the GSoC project to implement Hurd's translators.

One of the key goals changed during the SoC: I implemented support for native 
translators instead of Hurd's, because it turned out, that Hurd emulation was 
too much for 3 months. Anyway, puffs is used and any reasonable puffs 
filesystem may be used as a translator.

Detailed information is (or rather will be in few hours, because I did the 
commit a while ago) available on the website

I will very much appreciate any comments. Some of the flaws I am aware of - 
they are mentioned on project site.

And thaks for the SoC, it was really good time for me.


Marek Dopiera,
JID:, GG:219418

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