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Re: GSoC - Final DVB update

Jeremy Morse wrote:
This is an update for the GSoC DVB framework project - some more
information at the link below [0].

In the previous status email, the user facing API had been written and
was working with a test driver - since then I've improved some
portions of this to eliminate some races, but otherwise this part is
not significantly changed.

The majority of my time has been used in getting data out of a test
device I've been using - luckily a GPL driver is available, which I've
modified to work under NetBSD. Unfortunately a lack of ehci isoc
support in NetBSD prevented any transport stream data being read from
the device, which lead to me spending two weeks implementing this
feature. (The ehci code produced for this has now been merged with

I should probably mention here that thanks to this effort we can say that we were the first BSD to support hi-speed isochronous transfers. Your code has already made its way over to the OpenBSD tree -- you should be proud :)

All this has added up to being able to watch DVB Television on NetBSD,
although there's little/no support for any DVB hardware.

Looking to the future, I'd like to get some userland applications that
support LinuxTV to use it under NetBSD, VLC or MythTV for example.

Thanks Jeremy, fantastic work.

I know that many DVB tuners also have analog capture parts in them -- would you be interested in extending our new V4L2 code to support analog TV tuners as well after we get your DVB code merged?


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