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Re: Silly question

On Sun, 7 Sep 2008, David Brownlee wrote:

> On Sat, 6 Sep 2008, David Griffith wrote:
> > FWIW, trying to run an i386 xorg server on amd64 hardware causes errors.
>       Could you clarify that? I've been running NetBSD/i386 with
>       i386 xorg server on amd64 hardware for quite some time now,
>       with a variety of display chipsets including ATI, NVIDIA,
>       SIS, S3, Cirrus Logic and not seen any issues.
>       Do you mean running an 32bit xorg server under a 64bit OS/userland?

It was a completely 32-bit system on a 64-bit machine.  Twas Ubuntu, but
the fact xorg complained makes it seem relevant.

David Griffith

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