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Re: amd64 panics w/XEN_DOM0, not GENERIC

 > On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 09:54:30AM -0400, Todd Kover wrote:
 > >  > OK. I guess it's calling physio_biodone() though stdone() (the
 > >  > stack frames got optimized, so stdone() doesn't show up in the
 > >  > stack trace).  Can you run a kernel with the attached patch
 > >  > (either GENERIC of XEN3_DOM0) ? It should give more details
 > >  > about what's going on.
 > >
 > > With the GENERIC (+DEBUG+DIAGNOSTIC) kernel, I got:
 > >
 > > stdone error 5 count 32768 resid 0
 > So the device reported an EIO. You didn't get SCSI error messages
 > before the panic, did you ?

no message to console, syslog or amanda logs, but this is a tape drive
and amanda will run until it fills up a tape, then switch to the next
tape and retry, so getting an end of media would not be at all strange.

 > The attached patch may fix the panic, but I'm not sure it's correct.
 > It could actually cause the driver to report an error, while the data
 > actually got written. But I'm not sure what the correct fix would be
 > in such a case ...

there was no attached patch. :)

 > I'm also interested to know if the aprint_error_dev("EOM detected") I added
 > fires up just before "fixing b_resid".

I will let you know once I get the patch...

[ btw, I'll drop port-xen and just send to tech-kern in future followups
since this clearly has nothing to do with xen, in case someone searching
later wonders where the followups went ]


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