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GSoC Subfile Status Update

Sorry it's a few days late, but wanted to give the requested progress report.

-Progress so far has been (1-4 is from the beginning to the mid-point):
1. Rethought some design decisions
2. Created some needed flags in the superblock and inode
3. Modified newfs and dumpfs to modify/read the flag in the superblock to recognize whether a file system has subfile support 4. Created a new system call ( subfile_open ) stub and I am using that stub to build into the system call

=== Since the mid-point ===
5. Open the basefile and get needed attr
6. Recognize if the basefile is a VREG file and needs to have a subfile dir created 7. Made changes to VOP_MKDIR to recognize creating a subfile dir, which doesn't install it into a parent directory and make . and .. point to the subfile dir 8. Set the flag that I created in the inode of the basefile and the subfile dir that tells the inode number of the subfile dir
9. VGET to retrieve the subfile directory
10. Do a VOP_LOOKUP inside of the retrieve subfile dir for the requested subfile

-Where I'm at / what I'm trying to get done
1. Create the file in the subfile dir if it isn't there - I'm a bit hung up on this part at the moment
2. Open the file and return the fd

-After GSoC
We have some time before our school begins again so I was planning to continue working with this since, even if I get those two goals done, the overall project will be far from done. When school starts back up I imagine that I will still continue to work on it, less though due to time constraints.

Adam Burkepile

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