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Re: IPLs - One too many?

At Thu, 24 Jul 2008 15:21:04 -0700,
Matt Thomas wrote:
> I've been talking to Chris Gilbert for a while about eliminating nested
> interrupts in one or more of the ARM ports.
> Ignoring IPL_SOFT* IPLs for the moment, ARM currently has
> Since IPL_SCHED == IPL_CLOCK, once IPL_SCHED is reached you block
> clock interrupts.  Since clock interrupts are the highest priority
> interrupts, you have basically blocked all interrupts.  So there
> is little difference between IPL_HIGH and IPL_SCHED.
> So why have both?  Can I just make IPL_HIGH == IPL_SCHED?
> This means I have three IPL value, IPL_NONE, IPL_VM, IPL_HIGH.
> And now I can directly map those to the ARM CPSR bits IF32_bits
> (IRQ, FIQ) as 00, 10, 11 so I can make IPL_NONE=0, IPL_VM=2, and
> IPL_HIGH=3 and have no reason to store a s/w copy of the IPL since
> the CPU status word will contain an encoding of it.
> Much/All of the IRQ/FIQ enable/disable in the kernel can then just
> become spl calls.

(Sorry for the late response)

  One good thing of current implementation is that FIQ is never be
disabled by kernel. So we can use it for interrupts with real-time

  With the proposed change, FIQ is disabled at IPL_HIGH. It will make
such use of FIQ impossible.



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