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Re: Large memory with netbsd 4

On 5-Aug-08, at 10:50 AM, juanito wrote:

I have a problem with fresh installed machine running on netbsd 4.
About once a day they
get stuck on any command i try to execute, a ctrl+t shows me that the
program get stuck
in the state vmmapva. It happenned on several machines with the same ammount of
memory (4GB).

That sounds _exactly_ like what I've been seeing and reporting with netbsd-4 for over six months now.

The system _seemed_ more stable for a while after switching over to the wrstuden-fixsa branch of netbsd-4.

However I think my understanding of the symptoms and their frequency of occurrence is still not right.

The system survived for a maximum of something like 47 days, but then crashed every day for a week.

I cannot seem to correlate the problems with any regular activity other than the nightly cron jobs -- however they seem to just be victims of the problem too, not the cause.

See kern/37993 and kern/38019.  Probably those two PRs should be merged.

                                        Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc.

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