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Re: Large memory with netbsd 4

On Wed, 6 Aug 2008, Simon Burge wrote:

My question is simple, is there any chance that the ammount of memory
can actually crash
the machine ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

You don't give any specifics like architecture and CPU type/model.  I've
used netbsd-4 with the amd64 port on a machine with 16GB of RAM without
any problems.

Hmmm, I'm running -current on a machine with 8GB of RAM, and had to disable the top 4GB to avoid lots of random crashes. IIRC, someone on this list indicated that there was an "issue" with DMA bounce buffers above the 4GB boundary point.

I've actually been watching for any hint of a commit that might address this problem so I can turn on the rest of my memory.

Having said that, I've had no problems running with 4GB (at least, no problems related to the amount of memory).

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