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Re: linux has added "close on exec" flags to lots of fd calls

On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 08:39:33PM +0100, Love H?rnquist ?strand wrote:
> You are proposing changing 10-15 years old c library api/abi that  
> supports threads today. Even better, thease are suport libaries that are 
> used by other support libraries 4-5 layers deep, and you want to change 
> their interface. Very few of them are under my control.

No, but I also don't think the problem is really relevant as the number
of a places a program calls fork() from is very limited. Incidently,
most of those places are already encapsulated. Also how many programs
really want to pass down more than stdin/stdout/stderr? closefrom is
perfect for that.


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