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Re: revivesa status 2008/07/09

>>>>> On Thu, 24 Jul 2008 02:18:56 +0000,
      David Holland <> said:

>> I just don't believe that there are very many apps that actually behave 
>> like this.

> Right now there aren't, overall, very many apps that are threaded such
> that the threading buys much in the way of performance. There also
> aren't, overall, very many apps that make 10,000 user threads, because
> it doesn't work, at least not without using Erlang or some other
> similar environment with its own threading code.

That's just not right.
See the graph attached at Message-ID:

NetBSD SA could run 7,000 threads on Celeron 400MHz with only 128MB RAM
even 5 years ago.
With today's RAM size, 70,000 threads or even 700,000 threads must be

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