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Re: cloning devices and DTYPE_MISC

On Monday, 21 Jul 2008 5:43:16
Thor Lancelot Simon <> wrote:

> fd_clone() explicitly sets the type of the cloned file to
> DTYPE_MISC.One annoying effect this has is that it makes it hard
> to look at a processthat has several cloned devices open and see
> which is which.

> It also makes it very hard for pseudodevices which have ioctls
> thatoperate on file descriptors to tell which are "their own"
> though thereare other means of dealing with that.

Speaking of fdclone(), I have the pending kern/37878 PR which also
relates to DTYPE_MISC;

Now that I quickly checked fstat(1) again I noticed that there are
cases for various other DTYPE_ although not for DTYPE_MISC, and that
it skips unknown types (only printing a warning about the descriptor
if -v switch is used).

I'm not sure if fstat(1) or fdclone(2) should be corrected about this
or both (procfs does list those fine).
Matthew Mondor

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