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Re: syncing a directory

As educational and interesting to read the discussion among experts regarding the reliability of fsync_range(fd, FDISKSYNC) may be to me, I failed to extract from it the kind of information I initially tried to gather. So may I humbly rephrase my question as follows:

Given some combination of filesystem, disk interface et al., there is a certain level of confidence to be achieved by fsync() that, after modifying a bunch of bytes in a specific file, those bytes are to be found in the modified state after a crash. So, given the same combination of filesystem etc., is there a method to obtain a comparable level of confidence, that, after moving a bunch of files to a specific directory, those files are still to be found where they have been moved to after a crash? Other than fsync() ing each of those files, I mean.

Or, put another way: Which implementation would NetBSD experts suggest me to propose to the author of dovecot as a substitute to fsync()ing maildir/new, which works (at least, doesn't fail) on Linux, in order to improve maildir integrity?

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