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Re: Large raid sets and large disks in those raid sets?

Brian Buhrow writes:
>       Hello.  I'm wondering if the raidframe code has been updated to
> accomodate raid sets of greater than 2^32 sectors?  With the advent of
> gpt(8) in NetBSD-4.x, I'm assuming we can now build raid sets of larger
> than 2.1TB in size and put filesystems larger than this limit on them as
> well?

All of the RAIDframe code is 64-bit w.r.t. sector sizes.  I think 
there still may be a couple of 2^32 issues with respect to stripes,
but those are slowly getting fixed as well...

>       Also, can the raidframe driver recognize disks which are part of its
> sets which are labeled with gpt tables rather than BSD disklabels?

I believe so....  That is, the code is there, but I've not tested it 

> If so, when was all this functionality installed?  Is it in -current only,
> or is it in 4.x as well?

This is the change that added the functionality:

so it should be in 4.x too.


Greg Oster

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