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Re: revivesa status 2008/07/09

So here's today's status of revivesa:

Today's code (actually last weekend's; I've been AFK for a bit) now passes
all of the NetBSD 4.0 libpthread regression tests! As such, I think the
branch is an overall success.

More ToDo:

1) I've gotten some comments about the signal handling changes which I 
need to apply.

2) rmind suggested making SA a kernel option. I think this is doable. 
Kernel structures won't change size, but having the kernel not include the 
SA-using bits is fine.

3) CPU affinity calls need to be unsupported for SA processes. To really 
support binding a thread to a processor in SA means binding a VP to a CPU, 
binding all lwps that are used by that VP to said CPU, and binding 
libpthread treads to that VP. That's a lot of work, and not something a) 
that can be done in the 5.0 time frame, and b) not something I'm 
interested in.

4) One of the regression tests I wrote to test signalling running threads 
on 4.0 doesn't work. The problem is that I never used (and tested) the 
system call to preempt a running VP. For NetBSD 4, this isn't bad as we 
run the timer interrupt on all CPUs (AFAICT), so even a 100%-solid 
usercode app will occasionally see interrupts. These will get intra-thread 
signals noticed. NetBSD 5 doesn't do this, so I need the systemcall.

Take care,


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