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Re: Extending sockcred

On Sat, 5 Jul 2008, Matthew Mondor wrote:

> Perhaps there also could be a better generic way to add this
> functionality without always being stuck with ABI trouble when
> extension occurs, or having to add yet another redundant custom type.
> A versionned structure with only wanted elements filled according to
> specified flags?  A property-based system (this would however still
> need to be efficient)?  Suggestions are welcome.

FreeBSD has a LOCAL_PEERCRED getopt though I think there was some
resistance to adding it to NetBSD. Not sure where I recall that from, I
don't find any discussion in google and LOCAL_PEEREID is similar.

as you note, for SOCK_DGRAM sockets it could be better if the server could
just set an option and get (eg SCM_PID) control messages. I don't see
that it would be very complex to add that capability

I think the externalize/internalize of a property list would end up being
inefficient in this instance, and there is no way (as yet) to externalize
to a mbuf chain so you can't stuff it into a control message without more


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