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Re: SCM_CREDS ancillary data

On Friday, 4 Jul 2008 4:30:23
Iain Hibbert <> wrote:

> IIRC its (SOL_SOCKET, LOCAL_CREDS) see unix(4) for the details - I
> used itin sdpd(8) and it does still work ok that I know of,
> see usr.sbin/sdpd/server.c for an example.

Yes this test uses SOL_SOCKET, LOCAL_CREDS as well

> The kernel creates the SCM_CREDS message as required by the
> server, thereis no way for the client to send such a message and
> it does not need toset any LOCAL_CREDS option.

Nice to know that client doesn't need to set the flag and thanks a
lot for the example code link, I'll compare what it does to mine.
Matthew Mondor

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