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Re: compat linux SIOCGIFCONF fix for 64bit archs

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 07:20:52PM +0200, Nicolas Joly wrote:
> Hi,
> Here follow a patch that fix SIOCGIFCONF ioctl under compat linux for
> 64bits archs.
> The main problem, here, is that Linux `struct ifreq' is not MI, but
> our is ... By example, on Linux/x86_64 use a 40 bytes structure but
> our corresponding structure has only 32 bytes (this works on i386,
> because the Linux structure size is 32 bytes). This difference will
> lead to an alignment problem when reporting the interfaces list with
> To fix it, i added a new `struct linux_ifreq' which has the expected
> size, and a new linux_getifconf() function that use it (a cleaned up
> version of compat_ifconf()).

this is mostly what FreeBSD does... I believe you can copy some more
code from us :)

btw: any progress with the futexes?


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