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Re: Removing softdep


As far as I understand:
1) softdeps works fine for many people (including me);
2) softdeps occasionally trashes the filesystem, sometimes silently and

I think having a journalling filesystem is a good thing, as far as it remains
compatible with older installations. But why not use LFS? It has been much
improved recently and should do the job, although  it surely has its
drawbacks. Since I'm not a filesystem expert, my question is: What is the
basic difference between using ffs+journalling and using LFS? I'm using
LFS and so far I haven't experienced any noticeable problems. I don't
say LFS doesn't have any bugs, most probably it does, but its performance is
good enough. Can someone give more information about how it behaves in server
environment under heavy load?

Thank you in advance

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