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Re: Removing softdep

Selon Simon Burge <>:

> > That might be stupid (in fact I guess it is, because I have no special
> > knowledge therein), but then why not fork the code of ffs, create a kind
> > of "slow fs" which would implement synchronous writes of both block and
> > data (and maybe also a write-through mechanism)? It would certainly
> > break down performance, but increase reliability.
> Sort of like "mount -o sync ..."?

Sort of. Let's say there could be two levels of reliability: the first would
still enable copy-on-write, but write block and data synchronously, beginning by
the latter, so that what could happen at worst would be a loss of data, but no
file corruption or exposition of sensitive data. A second level would bypass the
copy-on-write and implement write-through, so that no data would be lost, or a
minimal amount.

Of course, this wouldn't be fast at all, but if the problem of security is
located in a few (not to big) files, it would maybe be worthy to create a small
partition of this kind and locate all the precious files therein. It shall yet
be more efficient than doing sync (1) every ten seconds! :)


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