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Re: cleanup some inconsistency in config(8)

>> There is some annoying abuse of autoconf interface locators in
>> files.* files, where pseudo-devices define them just to get a
>> "cfdriver" definition issued by config(8).
> Yes, that hack is ugly.

I've always wondered, if a pseudo-device wants to be a device, why not
make it a device, put it in the device tree, all that stuff?  I even
hacked a "pseudo" bus (which attaches at mainbus, has no hardware, and
exists solely as a place for pseudo-devices to attach) into some
versino or other.  Wasn't hard, and I never quite understood why it
wasn't done that way from the get-go instead of having pseudo-devices
floating around in an unrooted limbo, not really devices but not
totally non-devices either.

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