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DM device-mapper driver status

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In this year Summer of Code I'm working on NetBSD support for LVM. With help of my
mentor (@blymn) I have selected these tasks to do:

1) rewrite ioctl interface to proplib

2) get lvm2tools and libdevmapper working in NetBSD.

Before GSOC I have written NetBSD version of device-mapper driver. This driver is used to create virtual block devices (Logical volumes). This driver use old ioctl interface. Last working version is tagged in my monotone repository* with this tag NetBSD dm 0.1.

During community bonding period I worked on libdevmapper and lvm2tools. I have rewritten some parts of lvm2tools and libdevmapper to properly work without procfs and usage of raw devices. Last working version of lvm2tools were tagged in my repo as NetBSD LVM2.2.02.28.

I tried to upgrade LVM2tools to newer version (current version is 2.02.36) but I found that best option is write all necessary parts on my in database version and later port
them to current LVM2tools.

Now I'm working on new proplib interface for dm-kernel driver and libdevmapper. Work is
done in

Proplib version of libdevmapper uses 3 new NetBSD specific files:


lib/ioctl files create proplib dictionary from libdevmapper
dm_ioctl structure (which is passed to kernel in linux
version of this protocol). This dictionary is later send to
kernel. After successful ioctl call is proplib dictionary parsed
to dm_ioctl struct. This way I keep netbsd changes in 2 files and
we can upgrade libdevmapper library to new versions easily.

I have a blog at [1] I keep it updated so if you are interested in
this SOC project try to look there.

* viewmtn or mtn://




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