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Re: Lifelock on sparc64, possibly raidframe related

Michael Lorenz writes:
> Hello,
> a few minutes into -j4 my U60 goes all idle, the usual  
> compilers, nbmake etc. hang and can't be killed, shutdown hangs when  
> unmounting filesystems. This happens with sources via nfs, tools, obj  
> etc. local on a RAID0. I didn't see this happen on any of my other  
> machines so I think it might be related to raidframe changes a few  
> weeks ago.

None of the recent RAIDframe changes have anything to do with 
'normal IO'... Sorry, but I think you'll have to go looking 
for a different scapegoat ;)  (Unless you happened to be doing a 
build during a reconstruct, in which case I'm interested :) )


Greg Oster

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