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Re: Implementation Proposal for Subfile GSoC

On Sunday, 25 May 2008 5:29:40
Adam Burkepile <> wrote:

>     *     o opendir -modified to open the sub_file folder of a
> file if  the file�s inode contains a sub_file folder reference   

>       o int subfile_stat (char * basefilename, char * 
> subfilename, struct stat * sb);           o int subfile_fdstat
> (int basefilefd, char * subfilename,  struct stat * sb);          
> o int subfile_remove (char * basefilename, char *  subfilename);  
>         o int subfile_fdremove (int basefilefd, char *
> subfilename);

Although opendir(3) is standard ours is implemented in libc; our
native API appears to be getdents(2) which might require modifications
(if it is considered that it must be extended, that is, rather than
using a separate API alltogether to list subfiles).

I also agree that f prefix is more consistent with existing functions
than fd prefix.
Matthew Mondor

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