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Re: suggestions: development environment

On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 11:53:46AM -0400, Jason Beaudoin wrote:
> I shall be working on implementing an extension to wscons,
> incorporating a wstablet framework for better tablet support. I've
> never really worked on code for system integration or kernel
> development, so I'm curious what suggestions or notes you might be
> willing to share in setting up a test/development environment for this
> type of work.

This probably won't be of much use to you since you have to talk to
a bit of real hardware but I have found running the development kernel
in qemu is a rather convenient way of testing new kernel code without
needing another machine or risking your development machine with a
buggy kernel.  An extra bonus with qemu is the -s flag which sets up
a listening port on tcp 1234 which you can attach to using gdb and
debug the kernel.  You cannot single step because the timer interrupts
get in the way but you can set breakpoints and examine data without the
kernel even being aware that you are debugging it.

Brett Lymn
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