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assorted crashdumps

Here are some panics I got in the last couple of days
when I was on travel. The kernel sources are from May 15.
I don't have time to read all the mailing lists now to see
whether the problems are known or fixed. (I'm going
to update to -current now.)

1. when I tried to run a program in gdb:
#11 0xc06ba0ef in __kernassert (t=0xc071b1b4 "diagnostic ",
    f=0xc071b198 "../../../../kern/kern_sig.c", l=514,
    e=0xc071b204 "sigismember(&sp->sp_set, signo)")
    at ../../../../../../lib/libkern/__assert.c:50
#12 0xc04204c7 in sigget (sp=0xe478a2f8, out=0x0, signo=5, mask=0x0)
    at ../../../../kern/kern_sig.c:514
#13 0xc0422faa in issignal (l=0xe478a180) at ../../../../kern/kern_sig.c:1650
#14 0xc0410201 in lwp_userret (l=0xe478a180) at ../../../../kern/kern_lwp.c:133
#15 0xc0532b68 in mi_userret (l=0xe478a180) at ../../../../sys/userret.h:88
#16 0xc0532b3e in userret (l=0xe478a180) at ./machine/userret.h:78
#17 0xc0532c37 in startlwp (arg=0xe479a610) at ../../../../arch/i386/i386/trap.
#18 0xc01002e1 in lwp_trampoline ()

2. using "wpi" wireless ethernet:
#7  0xc010cf1f in calltrap ()
#8  0xc04af80f in m_length (m=0x0) at ../../../../sys/mbuf.h:899
#9  0xc04af94c in bpf_mtap (arg=0xc1bd3540, m=0x0) at 
#10 0xc058c7f9 in wpi_start (ifp=0xc1b9e004) at ../../../../dev/pci/if_wpi.c:19
#11 0xc04b6eac in ifq_enqueue (ifp=0xc1b9e004, m=0xc1d29b00)
    at ../../../../net/if.c:1831
#12 0xc04bc7df in ether_output (ifp0=0xc1b9e004, m0=0xc1d29b00, dst=0xc088f440,
    rt0=0x0) at ../../../../net/if_ethersubr.c:511
#13 0xc04ae9ce in bpf_write (fp=0xcc78bdc0, offp=0xcc78bdc0, uio=0xe4eb9c70,
    cred=0xccd65900, flags=1) at ../../../../net/bpf.c:635
#14 0xc045439f in dofilewrite (fd=5, fp=0xcc78bdc0, buf=0xbb847080, nbyte=137,
    offset=0xcc78bdc0, flags=1, retval=0xe4eb9cfc)
    at ../../../../kern/sys_generic.c:355
#15 0xc045430d in sys_write (l=0xe4e8b4e0, uap=0xe4eb9d04, retval=0xe4eb9cfc)
    at ../../../../kern/sys_generic.c:323

3. similar, with "bge" copper ethernet:
#7  0xc010cf1f in calltrap ()
#8  0xc04af80f in m_length (m=0x0) at ../../../../sys/mbuf.h:899
#9  0xc04af94c in bpf_mtap (arg=0xc1bef680, m=0x0) at 
#10 0xc0582fb1 in bge_start (ifp=0xc1c4d004) at ../../../../dev/pci/if_bge.c:39
#11 0xc04b6eac in ifq_enqueue (ifp=0xc1c4d004, m=0xc1d26300)
    at ../../../../net/if.c:1831
#12 0xc04bc7df in ether_output (ifp0=0xc1c4d004, m0=0xc1d26300, dst=0xc088f440,
    rt0=0x0) at ../../../../net/if_ethersubr.c:511
#13 0xc04ae9ce in bpf_write (fp=0xcc78be80, offp=0xcc78be80, uio=0xcc7aec60,
    cred=0xcb085f00, flags=1) at ../../../../net/bpf.c:635
#14 0xc04546ff in do_filewritev (fd=5, iovp=0xbfbfed68, iovcnt=3, 
    flags=1, retval=0xcc7aecfc) at ../../../../kern/sys_generic.c:482
#15 0xc0454489 in sys_writev (l=0xcc783320, uap=0xcc7aed04, retval=0xcc7aecfc)
    at ../../../../kern/sys_generic.c:386

best regards

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52425 Juelich

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