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Re: uhci on non-x86

        Well, no, I can't be specific about the corruptio, but I can do a
little research and try to figure it out.  My test so far has been to write
a copy of a working netbsd kernel to a flash card, then do a cmp(1) against
it and the original.  Then, unmount the flash, remount it, and retry the
cmp(1).  What cmp(1) reports is that the files differ.  The file sizes with
ls look the same, but I couldn't tell you if it's that bytes are actually
wrong, or that they're swapped with other sectors on the disk.
I'll see if I can be more specific.

On May 16,  4:54pm, Michael van Elst wrote:
} Subject: Re: uhci on non-x86
} (Brian Buhrow) writes:
} >The contents now differs, meaning the contents of the
} >flash card are corrupt.
} Can you identify the type of corruption? Bits changed? Bytes
} inserted? Blocks written to wrong address?
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