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Re: Make condition variables take absolute wakeup time

On Wed, May 07, 2008 at 02:39:00PM +0100, Andrew Doran wrote:
> This is for PR kern/38554. I have compiled it but not tested it yet.
> Also, it doesn't handle kpause() but should. Any comments?

I'm not entirely happy with it. I think we have two classes of callouts
and for the same reason of condvar timeouts. The first is high
precision, scaling with whatever the system offers. The second is
generally used for error handling and >= 1s. I would like to see those
two separated. For the fast case, I would go as far as just specifying
the microseconds to wait.

That aside, it feels quiet a bit cludgy. How does this interact e.g.
with ACPI S3/S4?


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