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ad1848 question


I'm trying to understand the audio driver subsystem. Briefly skimming
dev/ic/ad1848.c if find:


    829         case 5:
    830                 strcpy(fp->name, AudioEslinear);
    831                 fp->encoding = AUDIO_ENCODING_SLINEAR;
    832                 fp->precision = 8;
    833                 fp->flags = AUDIO_ENCODINGFLAG_EMULATED;
    834                 break;

But ad1848_set_params() doesn't seem to check for
AUDIO_ENCODING_SLINEAR to pass down to a filter hook.

Am I missing something, or is that a bug ? If the encoding is marked
as EMULATED, does userspace respond in a fashion that obviates the
need to support the encoding emulation or something like that ?



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