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wdc @ pcmcia lost interrupts in -current (JORNADA 720)

        I'm trying to get -current running on the Jornada 720 and
        after fixing the problems with attaching cards present on
        boot I'm now losing interrupts from the CF card.  A 4.0
        release kernel works just fine, so it's definitely not a
        hardware issue.. and *some* interrupts are definitely firing
        since the system gets far enough to fsck the disk (ie, it's
        mounted the card and made it through the early parts of rc.d

        I haven't done enough testing / digging to have any clue of
        any specific patterns / specifics of where and how it happens,
        but on the Jornada in question, it always happens during the
        fsck of the root partition (as it happens, I can't shut the
        machine down cleanly, so I always end up having to fsck at

        Anyone have wdc @ pcmcia working without problems in -current?
        Ideas as to what could be busted?


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