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Re: per-cpu statistics (Re: CVS commit: src)

> >> I'll keep reading up on kstat, but can someone easily summarise what
> >> kstat gives us over sysctl?
> > sysctl nodes for this purpose is abuse in the first place.  why do
> > you prefer it?  do you know linux procfs mess? :)
> What does kstat give over sysctl?
> If sysctl would be a mess, why wouldn't kstat be equally messy?  What
> benefit is there in introducing yet another namespace?  We already have
> far too many.

it can be more structured.
well, it probably could be done even if we keep abusing sysctls,
but not with the current way to use it.  (sprinkling statistics nodes into
random places in the sysctl tree and having foostat binaries for each


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