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Re: per-cpu statistics (Re: CVS commit: src)

On Apr 10, 2008, at 10:02 PM, Simon Burge wrote:

I've just start looking at the Solaris kstat interface. Is there really
much of a difference between a sysctl node and a named kstat?  My
first thought after a bit of reading is that we could add an interface
to query evcnts by name, but then we're just back at sysctl nodes.
At which stage, do we just do away with evcnts and use sysctl nodes

I'm ambivalent about the access method for user space. I think keeping the evcnt API is important in the kernel, however, because it allows all the work to make them per-CPU to be centralized in one place.

I'll keep reading up on kstat, but can someone easily summarise what
kstat gives us over sysctl?


-- thorpej

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