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bug in softint_execute() ?

I'm hitting the following diagnostic panic in softint_execute() on relatively
recent HEAD, on my ofppc SMP box:

kernel diagnostic assertion "si->si_cpu == curcpu()" failed: file
"/usr/src/hackathon/sys/kern/kern_softint.c", line 524

0xaa2dfe00: at panic+0x228
0xaa2dfe50: at __kernassert+0x4c
0xaa2dfe60: at softint_overlay+0x8a0
0xaa2dfec0: at lwp_userret+0x168
0xaa2dfee0: at syscall_plain+0x2b4
0xaa2dff40: user SC trap #74 by 0xefffa93c: srr1=0xd032
            r1=0xffffcfe0 cr=0x44000048 xer=0x20000000 ctr=0

A few printfs thrown in the code, before eachof the KASSERTS at the top/bottom
of that function show:

si_cpu = 0x510838 cur=0x510838
si_cpu = 0x510838 cur=0x511540

And, just FYI:

cpu2 started ci=0x5110e8
cpu3 started ci=0x511540
cpu1 started ci=0x510c90

So obviously somehow the curcpu is changing in that function.  Maybe after the
lock is released?

Tim Rightnour <>
NetBSD: Free multi-architecture OS
Genecys: Open Source 3D MMORPG:

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