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various fixes for and questions about our audio driver


Lately, I've been tracking various changes has
made to the audio subsystem.  Not all of them apply, as some have been
fixed here for years or do not apply due to our streams

Attached is a fairly simple diff which incorporates a few significant changes:

 - Always honor the pause attribute
 - Change the POLLOUT conditions to match those
   elsewhere in the driver.  Also, add
   sc_pr.blksize to sc_pr.usedlow so that this
   works when lowat=1.
-  For AUDIO_SETFD, set ai.mode |= (AUMODE_PLAY |
   AUMODE_RECORD).  Am I missing how this is set

There's a lot more I'd like to go over, but this is a good starting
point for me.  These [potential] issues are making it quite hard for
me to get audio/jack-devel working properly (it has a sun audio driver
now, which is the OSS driver with some changes, also by jakemsr), and
it's quite frustrating not knowing whether or not the problem lies
with the userland code or our driver.



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