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Re: kern/38019: some kind of undetected deadlock slowly kills NetBSD-4.0_STABLE GENERIC.MP

In article <>,
Greg A. Woods <> wrote:
>At Fri, 04 Apr 2008 15:16:31 -0400, wrote:
>Subject: Re: kern/38019: some kind of undetected deadlock slowly kills
>> I was going though an old 3.0 kernel config for a client machine,
>> preparing to build it on the netbsd-4 and noted that I had applied the
>> 3.0 LAST_MINUTE hack to adjust KERNBASE_LOCORE as that machine has 4GB
>> of RAM.  Remembering this, noting that my PE2650 also has 4GB of RAM,
>> and given that the last few hangs always show processes stuck in
>> vmmapva, I've begun to wonder if maybe this hack might still be
>> necessary in netbsd-4 too.
>Is it possible that the following changes may correct the possible
>lockups caused by KVA exhaustion on large-RAM machines without requiring
>hacks to KERNBASE and/or manual manipulation of the various tunable
>limits such as vm.bufmem_hiwater?  If so I would like to request that
>these changes (and any others which are pre- or co-requisite) be pulled
>up to netbsd-4.  If desired I can pre-test the pull-up(s) on my machine.

Sure, if you test them we'll pull them up.


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