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Need info on LKMs (modload failing)

Hello List,

I'm new to NetBSD, tho I am familiar with drivers/kernels from other
OSes.  Apologies if I don't have the right list for this (please ignore
if so). 

I'm running NetBSD 4.99.52 (XEN3_DOMU) as a domU under RHEL5.  I'm
trying to build a loadable kernel module as per the B. Meurer example
(plus a few others), but modload(8) always fails with "modload: error
loading buffer: Bad address".  This looks like the ioctl for LMLOADBUF
or LMLOADSYMS is failing.  Invoking modload with -d or -v doesn't add
any helpful info and I don't see anything in dmesg that appears

Perhaps I haven't compiled the .o with the right options?  Or is there
anything I need to do to enable LKM in the kernel?  It appears this
kernel was built with the LKM option switched on.  Setting lkm=YES in
/etc/rc.conf doesn't help, and kern.securelevel is -1.  (I've Googled &
poked thru archives, but maybe I don't yet know the right places or
NetBSD terminology.)

Another question: is there any plan to deprecate LKM in favor of another
mechanism such as FreeBSD's KLD/kldload(8)?

Thanks in advance for any advice/info.

Ed Nadolski

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