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i386 MP failure (further report)

Hi there,
I am still unable to run my Core2 duo based DELL machine with both cores up ("cpu1: failed to become ready - I have prolonged the delay in the loop, but to no avail).

Yet, with the last -current, I get some oddities:

With SCHED_4BSD, the kernel crashes at start in softint_schedule+0x4a and I can't be more specific because I have no way to interact with ddb (I have an USB keyboard).

With SCHED_M2, the kernel boots okay, everything is fine. Yet:

top reports 2 CPUs despite the error message at start: CPU1 is, as expected, 100 % idle (rather, all stats are 0 %).

When I try to lauch X, the system crashes.

I am wondering if errors in the initialization of the CPUs are correctly handled, that is if the structures are destroyed if the CPU init fails.


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