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Re: ath0 bug in current?

Another strange data point, I noticed after dhclient had timed out at startup I had triggered an old printf I had added to net80211 in my tree to detect differences between SIOCG80211BSSID and IEEE80211_IOC_BSSID:

  switch (ic->ic_state) {
  case IEEE80211_S_INIT:
  case IEEE80211_S_SCAN:
    if (ic->ic_opmode == IEEE80211_M_HOSTAP)
      IEEE80211_ADDR_COPY(bssid->i_bssid, ic->ic_myaddr);
    else if (ic->ic_flags & IEEE80211_F_DESBSSID)
      IEEE80211_ADDR_COPY(bssid->i_bssid, ic->ic_des_bssid);
    else {
      printf("WARNING: SIOCG80211BSSID: "
             "bssid 0 state %s myaddr %s des_bssid %s "
             "opmode %x flags %x\n",
             ic->ic_state == IEEE80211_S_INIT ?
                            "IEEE80211_S_INIT" : "IEEE80211_S_SCAN",
             ic->ic_myaddr, ic->ic_des_bssid,
             ic->ic_opmode, ic->ic_flags);
      memset(bssid->i_bssid, 0, IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN);

The state was IEEE80211_S_SCAN, ic_myaddr was "", I can't remember the rest off the top of my head.


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