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Re: /sbin/reboot and secmodel

Emmanuel Vadot wrote:

Wow, I launch a big discuss here :)
To be clear with everyone, what I'm doing right now it's just pleasure and for testing the secmodel under NetBSD-4.0, just that. I'm new in coding in kernelland and I wanted to code a dynamic secmodel with a userland program to modify "rules" which apply under the bsd44 secmodel. I thought it was a good start cause it involves a lot of thing (secmodel, pseudo-device and ioctl for the dialog). I triggerded some bugs and talk to elad@ to find out what is the best way to doing something. So the question is not how I will doing some thing like reboot, is how thing have to be in the kernel I think. For those who want my code I think I'm gonna be able to release it at the end of the week.
I think secmodel is really a big improvment in the unix point of view.
I would kill someone to have an httpd (for exemple) which to not do a setgid(xxx) and setuid(xxx) just to run as user xxx and capable of bind the port 80 :) .
The possibility are infinite with this kind of design.
Just my two cents ....

I'm very glad to read all that. :)

Not only you did what I was hoping to see people do -- actually use new
features we all worked hard on getting in NetBSD 4.0 -- but you also use
them as a platform to learn more about an area that's new to you, *and*
you managed to find an bug (an interesting one, too!) in the process.

That's all very cool. I hope you release your code, so others who are
interested can take a look and perhaps even use it or develop it
further; I'm guessing we'll keep on discussing a solution to the problem
you found, and potentially other problems of the same type.

(Btw, it's soon going to be a *lot* easier to develop secmodel_bsd44
extensions. I'll see about making that possible on NetBSD 4.0, too.)


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