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Re: /sbin/reboot and secmodel

> [...], and then have the kernel signal [init]

> Internal communication can e.g. be done via a named pipe:
> prw-------   1 root     root           0 Feb 14 16:51 /etc/initpipe

I'd much rather not.  If it's a named pipe, it's accessible to
userland.  I'd rather see the kernel create an ordinary, unnamed, pipe
and give one end of it to init as fd 0 on startup or some such, then
stash the other end somewhere internal as a trusted channel to init.
If we're willing to assume AF_LOCAL sockets are available we could make
it an AF_LOCAL socketpair and use it bidirectionally.

Of course, this assumes that we decide we want to put those smarts in
the kernel in the first place; I'm not convinced that's a good design.
(I'm not convinced it's a bad design, either, but I'm trying to make
sure I don't slide into either stance unjustifiedly.)

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