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Re: Playing with secmodel

Elad Efrat wrote:
Emmanuel Vadot wrote:
Hello all,

I wanted to play a little bit with secmodel under NetBSD 4.0 and I got a little problem. As I didn't find how to change the secmodel to use ia a LKM I've recompile a kernel with commenting the line "options secmodel_bsd44" and adding a new one with "options secmodel_overly". I assumed as the overlay secmodel use the bsd44 it would work but no. My laptop won't start anymore. It stay at "root file system type: ffs" and nothing more happen. But it isn't frozen, if I close the lid of the laptop the kernel print this.

Prints what?

Sorry for not being clear.
When I close/open the lid, then kernel notify me that the lid was closed/opened.
If plug an usb key it's reconized etc ...

I have a generic kernel + vesafb activated.
Am I doing something wrong ?
Thanks in advance and excuse me if it's the wrong mailling list to post on.

This sounds odd. What file did you edit? can you show me exactly the
line you added? (copy/paste please)


I've edited /usr/src/sys/conf/std
Here is the diff :

knuckles# diff /usr/src/sys/conf/std /usr/src/sys/conf/std.orig
< #options secmodel_bsd44       # Traditional 4.4BSD security model
< options secmodel_overlay
> options secmodel_bsd44        # Traditional 4.4BSD security model

Hope that can help you.


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