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Re: Unifying /dev/{mem,kmem,zero,null} implementations

On Sat, Mar 01, 2008 at 03:27:46PM +0100, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> Based on this and the related discussion, I've updated the patch to use
> pmap_enter instead of pmap_kenter_pa. Any other comments? Any test
> results?

With one minor nit (sparc64 needs #ifndef SUN4U around __HAVE_MM_MD_READWRITE)
this compiled and I tested a few archs, by running a very limited test:

  vmstat -N /nebsd

sparc, sparc64 and mac68k seem to work.

Not working:

alpha:          vmstat: kptr fffffc00005bbe00: boottime: kvm_read: Bad address
prep:           vmstat: kptr 2bc9b0: boottime: kvm_read: Bad address
sgimips:        vmstat: kptr 8031888c: boottime: kvm_read: Bad address

If you have any other tests, let me know and I'll run them.


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