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selinit/seldestroy and selwakeup/selnotify


Here is the patch which does the following things:

- Merges selwakeup() and selnotify() calls into a single selnotify(). This
  had to be done since invention of kqueue.

- Adds an additional 'events' argument to selnotify() call. It will indicate
  which event (POLL_IN, POLL_OUT, etc) happen. Zero may be used if unknown.
  I have converted socket and pipe code to pass the appropriate value, most
  of the other code pass zero. It will be used later for select/poll
  optimizations (in ideal case, all code should be converted to pass
  appropriate events value).

- Adds a lot of missing selinit/seldestroy calls in entire tree. Because
  change is not small, it may potentially break something. However, it should
  be easy to find the regression.

Please review.

Best regards,

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