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Re: man pages not in accordance with proplib code in NetBSD 4.0

2008/2/9, Stathis Kamperis <>:
> Greetings to everyone.
> In NetBSD 4.0, in proplib(3) man pages, functions that return a
> boolean data type are said to return `TRUE' or `FALSE'. In reality
> `true' or `false' is returned.
> It seems that at some point[1] all `boolean_t' data types were
> converted to the standard `bool', but the man pages haven't been
> updated accordingly.
> Could someone please fix this or perhaps I should file a PR/attach a patch?
> Thanks,
> Stathis Kamperis
> [1]

I have filed a PR for this: lib/38013. I've also attached a patch
against netbsd-4 branch that replaces all TRUE/FALSE references with

Stathis Kamperis

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