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Re: mixer ioctls on sound devices

On Wed, 30 Jan 2008, Stephen Borrill wrote:
However, it might be felt that this is not the right place to do this pass through (i.e. should we natively support mixer operations on /dev/sound0?). Perhaps it should be in compat/ossaudio/ossaudio.c or even compat/linux/common/linux_ioctl.c. Or perhaps audio_ioctl should return EPASSTHROUGH in such a situation.


We've spoken about this privately, but I should probably say this on the list anyway for an audit trail..

I have concerns with making our own audio subsystem behave this way, as it makes mixer controls via /dev/sound behave differently than /dev/mixer (cf. FIOASYNC).

For Linux compatibility, we might be better off calling mixer_ioctl directly from ossaudio rather than using ioctlf on the currently open device.


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