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Re: Socket options KPI

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

Shouldn't valsize be the normal size_t? Does socklen_t really make sense

I vaguely remember there was a reason for this socklen_t... maybe the original FreeBSD changes. Anyway, I'm thinking it should be unsigned
int, actually, to fit the len parameter to sys_setsockopt() and
sys_getsockopt(), no?

The val pointer should be const.


sockopt_ensure_writeable --> I don't like the name.

I don't mind the naming. Bring up any name you'd like, and if people
agree, I'll change.

If you can now also push the socket options down into ipv4/ipv6 and the
patch can go without the sockopt_setmbuf/getmbuf, that would be very
nice :-)

Yes. Unfortunately, some code is *very* hairy about that kinda stuff so
I'm trying to avoid it in the first pass (see, for example, netiso).

Without a full review, this looks like a huge improvement.

Great to hear! :)



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