Subject: Re: Renovating autoconf(9)
To: Quentin Garnier <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/10/2007 14:05:51
	Also, if there's a way to have USB devices have multiple
personalities, i.e. the Novatel WCDMA card which shows up as a serial port
and as an SD  card reader.  This may be orthogonal to the autoconf project
you're discussing, but if it's relevant, itmight be useful to address
the issue here.

On Dec 10,  9:33pm, Quentin Garnier wrote:
} Subject: Re: Renovating autoconf(9)
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} On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 03:08:14PM -0500, Michael Lorenz wrote:
} > I'm not sure if this can be done in a sane and easy way but who knows.
} > Sometimes it would be useful for a device to have more than one =20
} > parent, like some Apple audio chips which attach to obio for DMA, =20
} > gpio etc. and a mixer part that attaches to an i2c bus. Right now the =20
} > DMA part attaches and defers further configuration, then digs though =20
} > the device list looking for its long lost cousin, errm - mixer, which =20
} > is kind of ugly.
} The problem with your example is that there is information about the
} identity (in the sense that they're the same) of the two devices is
} only known through God's advice (i.e., reading the docs about the
} hardware).
} A better example of multi-parenting would be a SCSI device seen through
} two different HBAs.  In this case there is a way to tell the device is
} the same because it carries the same identification.  We could thus
} imagine adding a parameter to ac_alloc_child() e.g., hwident (which
} would only make sense for a given device class) which would help
} retrieve the existing device_t.
} If in your issue you have such a gateway between the two sides of the
} audio device, then it's possible.  Of course there are a few other
} things to change in the API...
} Also, I've been thinking about adding the possibility to have multiple
} drivers attaching to a device, a main driver, and several feature-
} specific ones.  One situation where it is an issue is the PCI-to-ISA
} bridges on x86:  if I create an acpipcib(4), then we lose the ability
} to attach ichlpcib(4).  It would be better to keep the existing pcib(4)
} and let ichlpcib and apcipcib be persona of the pcib(4) device.
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