Subject: RE: autoconf(9) tree in an odd hardware arrangement
To: Michael <>
From: De Zeurkous <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/25/2007 01:16:10

On Sat, November 24, 2007 15:31, Michael wrote:
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> Hello,
> On Nov 24, 2007, at 08:45, Elad Efrat wrote:
>> De Zeurkous wrote:
>>> If anyone would like to take a look at my TODO, just ask and I'll
>>> put it
>>> up and post a link to it. Perhaps it'll clarify things a bit. Then
>>> again,
>>> maybe not.
>> I don't know about others, but I'd like to see your THINGSDONE. :)
> 1. hot air

I happen to depise heat.

> 2. complain

I wouldn't be much of a Whining Bastard if I didn't complain at all,
wouldn't I?

> 3. more hot air

If you keep throwing hot air at me, don't be surprised if I'm dead before
finishing the implementation of all the Grandiose Things(C)(P)(R)(TM) I'm
working on.

> 4. PROFIT!

Glad you didn't set your mouth to 'kill'. How did you reach that
conclusion? I'm a technocrat, not a capitalist. I don't care for money --
not as long as I have Jazz Jackrabbit and Unreal and Metroid and UNIX and
and and...

...nowadays, that's pretty easy and cheap to get.


De Zeurkous

Friggin' Machines!

> have fun
> Michael
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I don't see why the way people have historically partitioned disks should
dictate which kernels we build and distribute by default in the future.
        --Darren Reed (, NetBSD tech-kern