Subject: Re: autoconf(9) tree in an odd hardware arrangement
To: None <>
From: David Huang <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/24/2007 20:56:51
On Nov 24, 2007, at 6:28 PM, De Zeurkous wrote:
> -Designed FBSF as a random pet project; will make a come-back in  
> the lower
> layers of the upper layer of Mare-III;
> -Got fed up with both C and -- to a lesser extent -- the  
> inconsistencies
> of most shells, and decided upon a more BASIC-like approach (Category:
> Foolish mistakes of the past). Began work on ZCode (ZeurCode,  
> unrelated to
> any Infocom stuff), a severely cut-down version of FBSF (which the new
> version of I have not published anything about, BTW);
> -Abandoned work on ZCode (although it, again, will make a come-back  
> as the
> lowest, strictest layer of FBSF) and started Mare: a proof-of- 
> concept IRC
> bot written in sh, to shut some people up who persisted in  
> believing the
> basic shell model could not be used practically beyond startup  
> scripts and
> minor automation. Turned out to be a major win comparing to other  
> IRC bots
> (I'm talking about people writing their own, not mIRC or eggdrop or  
> crap
> like that): concise, easily expandable, and not being perverted by  
> C in
> any degree (which is /not/ to be used for high-level crap). It was  
> also
> much faster than expected;
> -Mare became increasingly unmaintainable. Switched to zsh to  
> compensate;
> -After some time, another complexity barrier was hit. Designed and
> implemented Mare-II, which was much more modular, parallel, and  
> genuinly
> usable for a lot of crap beyond IRC bots. Never came around to  
> clean up my
> primary tree (consisting mainly of random implementation), though  
> (it was
> running a complete IRC services package by now :^). It was also much
> slower than expected, due to still running on Lunix and thus having to
> deal with it's broken scheduler;
> -Developed an even greater appreciation for the Unreal Execution
> Environment and put some (mostly superficial) Unrealisms in Mare-II;
> -Due to complicated circumstances (only partially beyond my  
> control), shut
> down the remainder of the (still small) Korax IRC network for now.  
> This
> was in September 2006. Development on Mare-II stagnated while I  
> completely
> reviewed the design;
> -Decided upon augmenting NetBSD into NetNIX, and together with Mare- 
> create a more layered replacement for Plan 9: Plan 69 from Korax
> Productions;
> -Began design on the final version (toyed with a lot of ideas during
> Mare-II) of Mare-III. Began implementing some prototype stuff for the
> bootstrap (I'm /not/ going to bootstrap kxrc in C until I've  
> implemented
> the shext-to-C converter, thank you) which would later grow into  
> shext,
> the latter of which /should/ be finished soon and released.

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